Comics and Smoothies: A Creative Revolution

Comics and Smoothies is coming to Accra by way of Lagos and we can’t contain our excitement. We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve teamed up with Vortex INC to present Comics and Smoothies. Comics and Smoothies is a free informal gathering to talk African comics, games and animation. We’ll be discussing the way forward for African comics, cartoons and games at NourishLAB® Smoothy’s in Osu from 2 – 4 pm. Vortex Inc. is the publisher of Orisha Pikin and other comics we’ve previously covered. Continue reading “Comics and Smoothies: A Creative Revolution”


The Gods Must Be Crazy…em…Children – This Is Orisha Pikin

Charles Universe (@arsene_betow).jpg
Obatala and Shango. Illustrated by Charles Universe.

Picture Shango (the god of thunder and awesomeness) as the sore loser in a gaming duel against Obatala (the god of purity)! Now picture Obatala’s impassive face in stark contrast to Shango’s fuming visage coupled with childish outbursts (we all have that one friend who doesn’t take losses well). That delightful glee is what you’re served in Orisha Pikin, the newest title by Vortex Inc.

While gods are often depicted as captivating, well-sculpted jewels of perfection whose exploits are nothing short of epic sagas, Orisha Pikin awesomely deviates. Continue reading “The Gods Must Be Crazy…em…Children – This Is Orisha Pikin”

Cafe des Comics – VEXPO

So you like comics and animation. And you like coffee, or maybe you don’t and just want the company of like minded people with whom you can spark a creative wave in an intimate and exclusive space. The second day of Vortex EXPO is just the thing.

Named Coffee and Comics, it is an opportunity to network with the shapers of Nigeria’s digital art and animation industry. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get insights into the future of the industry, get feedback on projects, see what’s cooking all over the country, collaborate and either give or receive support.

The event will screen multiple Nigerian animated content and will give you all the reasons to have faith in the growing industry.


As an industry event, Coffee & Comics is targeted at people between the ages of 18 and 45 but really, creativity and the love of arts transcends age.

Coffee and Comics is happening today from 11am to 5pm at Cafe Neo, Agoro Odiyan, Victoria Island, Lagos. Be a part of the energy by registering here.

VEXPO is a week long series of events which reflect African culture and creativity targeted at inspiring the youth and young adults.

By Kadi Yao Tay