Avonome #7 Is Simply A Visual Delight But It’s Got Naruto In The Details

Since issue 1, Comic Republic’s Avonome has proven to be one of the finest titles in the Nigerian comic scene, mostly due to its commendable artwork and issue 7 is no exception.Stanley “Stanch” Obende (line artist and creator) has shown consistency in the quality of his art and continually improves with each release. First of all, his lines are so divine, gifting each character a thrilling body structure. Continue reading “Avonome #7 Is Simply A Visual Delight But It’s Got Naruto In The Details”


Visionary: Ascension is an EPIC Beauty


The first thing that sucks you into the world of Visionary: Ascension is the art. The art is magnificent; the lines are crisp and the colours are joyously precise. Promo art back in May spoke of an artfully crafted narrative, and the finished product did not disappoint in the least.  Continue reading “Visionary: Ascension is an EPIC Beauty”