Unlocking Ancestral Powers for Dummies – According to Ireti

There are two pages from the second issue of the Ireti Bidemi comic that had me clinging to my precious nine lives, and I’m sure yours too.

The pages feature the magical incantations that grant Ireti her ancestral powers. This left me with three questions:  What language is it? Is it made up? If it is, what is its foundation? Oh wait, there’s a fourth. Do I get to unlock powers too? Continue reading “Unlocking Ancestral Powers for Dummies – According to Ireti”


Ireti Bidemi – A Female Hero Challenging Stereotypes

How many female superheroes do you know that originate from Africa and fight crime with ancestral powers? None? Not anymore. Meet Ireti BidemiContinue reading “Ireti Bidemi – A Female Hero Challenging Stereotypes”