Squid Alley With Alfred Achiampong

This week’s Squido (Squid Hero) is none other than Alfred Achiampong. Alfred is an impressive and constantly evolving illustrator who has taken the rule of 10,000 hours to heart. He posts as many new illustrations as there are days on his social media accounts. He’s been at this awesomeness for almost two years, posting something new every single day and playing with new pencilling and colouring techniques. He also participated in #Inktober2016. That’s 100 points for motivation and effort. He sometimes goes by the nickname Yo Qwick and I can’t help but connect this to his animation potential evidenced in the brush strokes in some of his older work.

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The 2017 GUBA Awards’ Animator of the Year Nominees

The Ghana UK Based Achievement (GUBA) awards have rolled around and we’re excited about the freshly baked Animator of the Year category. This inclusion gives us hope of good times ahead for Ghanaian animation as more people and institutions recognise this art form’s brilliant potential. Below are the nominees in the category. While you’re at it, kindly check out our thoughts on the awards hereContinue reading “The 2017 GUBA Awards’ Animator of the Year Nominees”

GUBA Awards 2017: Another Step for Ghanaian Animation

The mantra for a while has been to change the future of African movies through storytelling and an excellent medium to do this is through animation. An even better way to encourage stories in this beautiful medium is to reward creators for their hard work and consequently, promote them to a wider audience. That’s exactly what the Ghana UK Based Achievement (GUBA) award scheme is about to do and it wins them a special place in our hearts.  Continue reading “GUBA Awards 2017: Another Step for Ghanaian Animation”

Comics and Smoothies: A Creative Revolution

Comics and Smoothies is coming to Accra by way of Lagos and we can’t contain our excitement. We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve teamed up with Vortex INC to present Comics and Smoothies. Comics and Smoothies is a free informal gathering to talk African comics, games and animation. We’ll be discussing the way forward for African comics, cartoons and games at NourishLAB® Smoothy’s in Osu from 2 – 4 pm. Vortex Inc. is the publisher of Orisha Pikin and other comics we’ve previously covered. Continue reading “Comics and Smoothies: A Creative Revolution”


Are you a keen and critical gamer with an understanding of game design and mechanics, storytelling and the will and ability to work full-time in Nairobi?

Then you’re needed at Leti Arts. The team is looking to hire you as their JUNIOR GAMEPLAY IMPLEMENTER. They’re looking for someone special to work with on their biggest release yet; an epic, story-driven adventure game, set in a near-future Africa.  Continue reading “LETI ARTS IS HIRING”

A Piece for Peace is a Disturbing Vision of Ghana in the Event of post-Elections Violence

Election season in Ghana comes with a fervent call for peace that is understandable thanks to the many scary lessons learned from across the world. With Ghana going to the polls on December 7, it’s no surprise that rallying calls for peace have been echoed from several quarters, animation inclusive.

Animax FYB Studios put together a short PSA that paints a rather graphic portrait of a country destabilized by electoral violence. Yes, Ghanaians are relatively peaceful people but people are people and that’s what the animation, aptly titled A Piece For Peace points out. Continue reading “A Piece for Peace is a Disturbing Vision of Ghana in the Event of post-Elections Violence”

Inktober in Africa: A Collection of Our Favorites

For the love of illustration, October is a wow month! Continue reading “Inktober in Africa: A Collection of Our Favorites”

Help Kweku Ananse!

Kwaku Ananse, the beloved character from Ashanti folklore needs your help becoming best friends with Adinkra symbols, folklore, math and his all-time favorite, puzzles. Kweku needs badly to cross over into children’s hands to enrich their lives with his masterful storytelling through a fun and educative mobile game, Ananse’s Well Rescue. Continue reading “Help Kweku Ananse!”

Become A Game Tester

You love games and/or occasionally dabble. Yes? Good.

Have you ever played a game that left you wondering if it went through any testing? Or have you always wanted to be one of the testers whose candid feedback shaped game releases?

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Meeting of Styles – A Graffiti Experience


Meeting of Styles is

“an introductory graffiti art event by the Ghana Graffiti crew. The crew is set to challenge societal defects using street art as a medium to communicate with citizens of a disturbed community. Altering physical space with thought-provoking and creative content for social change and aesthetics is the function of the crew even as the members individually address various topics of a changing world. The graffiti crew hopes to be an artistic body of exclusively street artists pushing Ghana beyond corridors.” – Ian Quhachi

Ian Quhachi
Ian Quhachi

The crew consists of NMA’s Moh Awudu, Ian Quachi, satiritst Bright Ackwerh, Hamid Nortey, Deff, Appiah Alicoe Art Attack aka Kali. These are the names that readily come to mind in what is probably an endless list of members.


While the three day gig in May didn’t magnetize the usual swarm of Accra’s artsy, electric and diversified, it attracted sufficient onlookers and faithful Jamestown folk to make it a blast.


Work kicked off proper on Saturday and continued in the same energy into Sunday, the sun bathing the artists in glorious approval. The kids, like anxious gnomes loitering about to interact with the artists and the artists’ reciprocated love and appreciation is a most pleasant and treasured memory.


The exuberant Deff did not disappoint with his frequent rants and showcase of vocal dancehall prowess that screamed Shatta Wale fanboy. Hamid Nortey, the resident vernacular translator was on point helping muralists with proper spellings of some significant words in Ga, Accra’s indigenous dialect.

Bright Ackwerh

The nerdy romantic of the day was Ian Quhachi, Kali played master scribe and Moh Awudu held the fort as group leader. Jah Power was a silent ninja and Bright Ackwerh was the amusing sidekick imitating Moh’s hilarious poses whenever a camera smacked its lips.


Jamestown’s iconic lighthouse; beaconing to unknown futures while regaled by the sea’s historic songs; a poised child’s gloved fists capturing the enclaves’ boxing heritage; and broken shackles, a somber reminder of her Ussher and James forts, spaces once complicit in the dehumanizing slave trade; hailed the historic settlement as the ultimate muse in the finished murals.


Inspired words like teeshi (stand up/rise) and ekome feem) (unity) preached hope, community and perseverance and also acknowledged the fortitude of the people of (British) Accra.

 The Meeting of Styles easily qualifies as a meeting of masters because of the artistry and zeal of participating artists. The event reinforces my belief that Art is the only way to create a revolution that changes mindsets to uphold their values and cultures.
 Plans are underway by the Graffiti Crew to tour Ghana and possibly collaborate with other graffiti artists across Africa.


Their vision is crystal clear and there’s no stopping them.

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Squirt Creativity.

Written by Asare Kofi.

Edited by Kadi Yao Tay

Images via yoyo tinz, Asare Kofi and Ghana Graffiti.