Must-Read African Comics for the Long Easter Break

Easter holidays in Ghana (and possibly the rest of the world) mean a long weekend when most of us get to take a break from work. Some people visit family and friends, others go out to chill. Others like us, snuggle in bed and binge on all the things they’ve been unable to keep up with. If you’re big on fresh and unique forms of African entertainment, this list of African comics will hold you down this holiday season.  Continue reading “Must-Read African Comics for the Long Easter Break”


Get this Zimbabwean Comic Anthology for Free!!!

A hunt for purely African Comics or Kugali (this is a working nickname) will return an ocean of Nigerian titles. While this is testament to the tremendous effort being put in by Nigerian creators, it is wholly unrepresentative of the continent. Thankfully, our friends over at ComExposed are making their presence known and what better way to do that than a comic anthology?! Continue reading “Get this Zimbabwean Comic Anthology for Free!!!”

African Comic Cover Art Appreciation – Week 2 Recap

The second week of our African Comic Covers series was science fiction heavy augmented by kilojoules of magical fantasy! From the dystopian Wrath House to Versus, a fantastical space opera, to enhanced humans such as EXO and the kids in Hero Generation to the mecha dog packs in Ganyamuto to the wacky bros in Mumu Juju,  the second week has been all levels electrifying. Continue reading “African Comic Cover Art Appreciation – Week 2 Recap”