What if you were an African warrior that could not die, who would you sell your services to? This is what Scion is about, in a nutshell. Scion: Immortal, is one of Comic Republic‘s newest titles alongside Beatz and Visionary.

After two issues, Scion appears to be quite consistent in its releases compared to other series published by the CR label. I really hope it stays like this because we need consistency in this budding African comics industry. Without further delay, allow me to dissect this piece of art, and give you a reason to either follow the series or let it sink into oblivion. Muhahahahaha!



Avonome #7 Is Simply A Visual Delight But It’s Got Naruto In The Details

Since issue 1, Comic Republic’s Avonome has proven to be one of the finest titles in the Nigerian comic scene, mostly due to its commendable artwork and issue 7 is no exception.Stanley “Stanch” Obende (line artist and creator) has shown consistency in the quality of his art and continually improves with each release. First of all, his lines are so divine, gifting each character a thrilling body structure. Continue reading “Avonome #7 Is Simply A Visual Delight But It’s Got Naruto In The Details”

Must-Read African Comics for the Long Easter Break

Easter holidays in Ghana (and possibly the rest of the world) mean a long weekend when most of us get to take a break from work. Some people visit family and friends, others go out to chill. Others like us, snuggle in bed and binge on all the things they’ve been unable to keep up with. If you’re big on fresh and unique forms of African entertainment, this list of African comics will hold you down this holiday season.  Continue reading “Must-Read African Comics for the Long Easter Break”

Fear Faces The Music (Or Something Like That) In Comic Republic’s Double Release

This weekend promises to be tons of fun with the release of two comic titles via Comic Republic. The publisher is ready to drop the fourth issue of the dark and fearful Eru comic. What was that? You haven’t read or heard about Eru? You do yawa! We’d totally love to go into it for you but the folks over at Naija Komics Online do a wonderful job of it here. Okay, fine, we’ll bite.

Continue reading “Fear Faces The Music (Or Something Like That) In Comic Republic’s Double Release”

What’s Up With Squids in 2017?

2016 is technically our sophomore year in sharing content around African comics, animation and games although it does feel like freshman year. It was a testing the waters kind of phase that we’re thrilled to have experienced.

Promo image for Anthill Studio's Plaything
Promo image for Anthill Studio’s Plaything

An experience that has us pumped for 2017 which promises to be a fantastic year following all the incredible creative output and interactions from last year. Continue reading “What’s Up With Squids in 2017?”

Unlocking Ancestral Powers for Dummies – According to Ireti

There are two pages from the second issue of the Ireti Bidemi comic that had me clinging to my precious nine lives, and I’m sure yours too.

The pages feature the magical incantations that grant Ireti her ancestral powers. This left me with three questions:  What language is it? Is it made up? If it is, what is its foundation? Oh wait, there’s a fourth. Do I get to unlock powers too? Continue reading “Unlocking Ancestral Powers for Dummies – According to Ireti”

Ireti Bidemi – A Female Hero Challenging Stereotypes

How many female superheroes do you know that originate from Africa and fight crime with ancestral powers? None? Not anymore. Meet Ireti BidemiContinue reading “Ireti Bidemi – A Female Hero Challenging Stereotypes”

Visionary: Ascension is an EPIC Beauty


The first thing that sucks you into the world of Visionary: Ascension is the art. The art is magnificent; the lines are crisp and the colours are joyously precise. Promo art back in May spoke of an artfully crafted narrative, and the finished product did not disappoint in the least.  Continue reading “Visionary: Ascension is an EPIC Beauty”