7 Great Resources for Discovering African Comics

Googling African Comics these days thankfully returns a series of articles highlighting one African comic or the other. But that’s several articles pointing you in many different places (or saying the same darn thing about the same darn comics). If you’re like me, that means bookmarking a tonne of pages for later when you can sift through and find your favourites.

That’s not very productive and too much work.

Let’s change that. Continue reading “7 Great Resources for Discovering African Comics”


Get this Zimbabwean Comic Anthology for Free!!!

A hunt for purely African Comics or Kugali (this is a working nickname) will return an ocean of Nigerian titles. While this is testament to the tremendous effort being put in by Nigerian creators, it is wholly unrepresentative of the continent. Thankfully, our friends over at ComExposed are making their presence known and what better way to do that than a comic anthology?! Continue reading “Get this Zimbabwean Comic Anthology for Free!!!”