Game Devs And Animators: Enter The MTN Apps Challenge V5.0 To Win Big

On Monday, 4th December 2017, the MTN App Challenge version 5.o was officially launched.

The MTN Apps Challenge is a competition that brings app developers, animators and tech enthusiasts together to create projects geared towards revolutionizing the Ghanaian digital landscape. Continue reading “Game Devs And Animators: Enter The MTN Apps Challenge V5.0 To Win Big”


Cartoon Network Africa Set To Premiere Local Animated Shorts

As seen on media update with slight modifications (context, facts, links and video insertions), November 29, 2017. 

On Monday, 11 December, Cartoon Network Africa will reveal wholly produced in Africa, animated shorts. In the weeks to follow, African audiences will be able to view three more locally produced animated shorts, to be broadcast every Monday until Monday, 1 January 2018.

The television premiere of the four Cartoon Network Imagination Studios’ locally produced animated shorts follows the recent FupiToons Film Festival, hosted in conjunction with African Animation Network (AAN) and Ster-Kinekor.

Cartoon Network’s Imagination Studios, a drawing contest run in April, was created with the aim of inspiring, motivating, and celebrating the imaginations of children between the ages of six and 12-years-old, allowing them to conceptualise and create their very own Cartoon Network character duo, similar to the ones found on Cartoon Network.

The shorts are a first in Cartoon Network’s aim to collaborate with African talent to bring to life authentically African stories and characters. The four winning drawings have come to life through the infusion of style, motion, and sound from local animation professionals and will broadcast in time for the festive season.

Imagination Studios reveal – Cartoon Network Africa

Dida | Cartoon Network Imagination Studios Finalist | African Animation
Dida Bafor from Nigeria (eight), Katlego Khambule (10), Maia Janse (11), and nine-year-old Zoë-Jane Mans from South Africa, all had a look into the world of animation and an opportunity to add their personal touch to Cartoon Network Africa’s animated duos.

“I am so happy knowing that my drawing has been turned into a cartoon on Cartoon Network,” says Bafor, whose tale, Adventures of the Talking Pizza – The Great Escape, is a story of siblings John and Lizzy who are pizza slices.

“Seeing my creation coming to life is a dream come true,” adds Katlego Khambule, creator of The Doodling Duo – Attack of the Slug Monster, a short animated film about a giant slug monster that moves into Dash and Diana’s city.

Llama Drama creator, 11-year-old Maia Janse, says, “This year was actually the third time that I have won the Cartoon Network Imagination Studios competition, but the first time that I have won the actual animation of my drawings – I am very proud and excited.”
In Mans’ animated short, her character duo, Robo and Tekna, journey to the source code to find the truth and settle their bet before their dad finds out in Smarter Phones – Appside Town. “I am so happy and in awe of the way that my creation has been taken to a whole other level,” adds Mans.

Seeing my creation coming to life is a dream come true – Katlego Khambule

Creative director at Mind’s Eye Creative, Ryan van Eyk, says, “The really cool thing about this initiative is getting kids involved in understanding animation production and, the whole process of animating their drawings locally has shown them that their imaginations can come to life.”

Cartoon Network Animation Studios

“We’re excited about showing the winning four animated shorts across Africa on Cartoon Network. We have been extremely impressed by the creativity and collaborative efforts from all our partners in making this possible. It has been amazing to walk this journey with the Imagination Studios winners and see their imaginative entries coming alive right before their eyes,” says Jaime Ondarza, senior vice president for Turner Southern Europe and Africa.

For more information, visit Alternatively, connect with them on Facebook.

Sourced from media update. Published 29 November 2017

Help Design The December Edition Of The Kugali Magazine

To celebrate the Christmas edition of the Kugali Magazine, Kugali is running a competition inviting artists to design the front cover for the next edition of the Kugali Magazine.

Winner gets $125 in cash, $100 for 2nd place and $75 for 3rd place. Here are the front covers from the two previous editions as well as the characters that are set to feature in this 3rd edition.

Finally, here’s a picture of our Kugali Masks (including them in your art is optional). Plenty of inspiration for you to come up with your design.

Now just a few rules:

  1. Post your entry on Facebook or Instagram and tag Kugali in the post.
  2. Use the hashtag #KugaliMagazine
  3. Winner will be decided by popular vote. To make things easy, we’ll equate this to likes.
  4. The deadline is the 3oth of November.

For more design inspiration, check out the slideshow below with artwork by Juni Ba.

That’s all folks. Happy drawing!

Squirt Creativity!

Rankuwa: Music, Cyborgs And Unlikely Friendships

It’s one thing to live as a young music-loving cyborg in a dystopian cyberpunk world and another to have your dreams literally stolen. To keep on believing and dreaming despite the odds, however, is the true show of strength and Rankuwa, the titular character in this 3D animated short embodies that spirit.


Interestingly, Rankuwa means “we are taken” and in this context, could be a metaphor for how deeply rooted our lives are into technology and vice versa. (Is this far-fetched? Tell us in the comments).


This moving animated short is about a young boy getting through life by playing his music and the unlikely friend he makes along the way. The animated short was created by a team of students in their final year of study at the Animation School based in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa sometime in 2016.

According to the school’s website, “The Animation School is South Africa’s leading provider of higher education in the field of animation as we consistently produce award-winning graduates who are employed by top companies locally and abroad.

If you’re interested in studying animation, the Animation School’s introductory video might be all the convincing you need. Watch it below.

Visit The Animation School South Africa for further details.

Rankuwa was created by the talented team of Sandro Pellarini, Farron Swartz, Tess McGraw, Jani van den Berg, Matthew Hardaker, Robin Myles, and Jason Finklestein!

This animated short film production has been created by students of The Animation School in their final year of study.

Gleaned from CG Africa.

Why African Animation Has Proven To Have Local Appeal

As seen on media update with slight modifications (context, links and video insertions), November 13, 2017. Interview by Adam Wakefield.

We’re big animation fans, more so for African animation. Thankfully, we’re not the only ones as this article sourced from media update shows. Enjoy.

The Fupitoons Film Festival: Made in Africa for Kids recently showed what local African content is made of at Discop Johannesburg 2017, proving that local stories play well with local audiences.  Continue reading “Why African Animation Has Proven To Have Local Appeal”

For Us By Us: Greg Anderson-Elysee On Creating Is’nana The Were-Spider And African Comics

Wouldn’t it be cool if Ananse, the mighty trickster god of Ashanti folklore was turned into a comic book hero? Cooler still if he was in a pickle and needed saving by one of his offspring; possibly Ntekumah or Anansewa? Or perhaps, a fictional Is’nana created by Greg Anderson-Elysee? (The second volume of is presently on Kickstarter and needs your support) Continue reading “For Us By Us: Greg Anderson-Elysee On Creating Is’nana The Were-Spider And African Comics”

Keeping Up With the Continent: The First Kugali Comics Anthology

Following the instalment of annual events awarding iconic comic artists in Africa and the diaspora is the new innovation that is the Kugali Magazine. It is a monthly magazine by Kugali Media complete with over 60 pages of exclusive art, interviews and a selection of the best comics from across the continent.  Continue reading “Keeping Up With the Continent: The First Kugali Comics Anthology”

Dear South African Illustrators On The Come-Up, How Dope Are You?

Very? Then this is right up your alley!

MTV Breaks (platform that offes budding creatives their first breaks – on a global scale) is searching for creative illustrators and colourists to translate the multi-award winning television drama, MTV Shuga into a unique and original comic book.  Continue reading “Dear South African Illustrators On The Come-Up, How Dope Are You?”

Here’s What You Missed in African Comics Over The Weekend (And Then Some)

Can you believe it? We’re already halfway through the second week of May. Boy does time fly! The first week of May – let’s make that weekend – 2017 was beautiful for comic lovers the world over thanks, especially to Diamond Comic Distributors’ Free Comic Book Day initiative.

Here’s a brief rundown of what happened over the weekend as well as news we’re excited about in the growth of African digital arts manifested within comics, games and animationContinue reading “Here’s What You Missed in African Comics Over The Weekend (And Then Some)”

African Animation Network, Digital Lab Africa Team for Transmedia Pitch Category

As seen on Animation Magazine with slight modifications (links and video insertions), May 10, 2017. Post by Mercedes Miligan.

Following last month’s announcement of the pitch competition partnership between DISCOP, the African Animation Network and Annecy International Animation Film Festival & Market, Digital Lab Africa has been confirmed as the partner for the Animation Transmedia category of the inaugural Annecy-MIFA Pitches Animation du Monde in the continent.

Continue reading “African Animation Network, Digital Lab Africa Team for Transmedia Pitch Category”

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