A while ago spoof Animations announced they would be releasing four exciting titles to kick start their efforts into the world of comics. Spoof initially had focused the greater part of it’s efforts into animation but since then has also been making strides to enter the world of comics.

the fantastic four

Since a few months ago spoof have had fans waiting in nerve racking anticipation. Finally the wait is over as the comics are scheduled for release tomorrow. The much anticipated titles include Vantage #1, Boxsa #1 ,Jinx #1 and finally the title that intrigues me the most Voyager: Space adventure #1.


Out of the four Boxsa seems the most down to earth, I anticipate it will be a story emphasizing heavily on drama and tragedy with a bit of action here and there keeping the readers thrilled and bringing a sense of realism with it’s gritty and most likely morose setting. That said if not done well my guess is it can get boring pretty quick and possibly ran out of plot before the desired time, but I trust spoof have contingencies incase such a thing should happen and I am sure for the creative minds up there , there are numerous dynamics to the story and a never ending sea of possibilities but I remain skeptical all of them will fit without altering the story’s core, that said this is most definitely a title both Spoof and the readers are going to have a lot of fun with.


Jinx is the story that seems to fascinate me least among the four! The story is obviously more of fantasy than anything else. I imagine the characters personal qualms will also integrate nicely into the over all plot but I still can’t shake the feeling she is eventually going to be revealed to be some “chosen one” or something of the sort. The story seems like it is going to be quite generic. A typical female lead thrust into a world she does not fully understand but burdened with responsibilities no youth could possibly be prepared for. That been the case such stories are always an exciting ride. Along her journey she is bound to meet memorable characters and face crippling challenges, it seems like the safest way to go but without a doubt it will still be a little tricky to handle!


Vantage seems like the typical superhero guy and that put me off personally. That said I can’t help but keep noticing the whole “Heroes need love” vibe. That leaves me wondering is this going to be another typical Peter Parker, or is it something I have never come across before. I hope the title impresses but at the moment I don’t have my hopes so high!




  Voyager is the one I really look forward to. Whether spoof knows it or not this story has a big responsibility. As one of the first African stories venturing into space travel and most likely utilizing futuristic themes that means it has a duty to present a fresh take on these concepts. Voyager is expected to present the African perspective when it comes to matters like space travel and futuristic technologies. It will be highly disappointing if it mirrors closely to star trek, star wars , gundam or anything of the sort. I expect it to bring something fresh and unprecedented and for all our sakes that better be the case!



So let’s keep our fingers crossed and see what is in store for us! Spoof definitely look like they are coming in strong so all the other major player better look lively!






Newborn Saga: A Tale of True Africa

Personally, I’ve always been a big fan of Newborn Saga. The talents at Peda Studios make true on their promise to showcase Africa in her former majesty and glory! They not only do this beautifully, they do so in the grandest manner conceivable!


Sparing neither effort in art nor plot, Newborn Saga has since Issue #0 (which is available for free), always aimed to impress. I had the privilege of reading the scirpts of the the first volume and I must say, the plot certainly impresses!


After the long wait, Newborn Saga is finally in the print process and boy did it come at a perfect time. I just read through 3 issues which proved to be wonderful pieces of storytelling, heavily utilising suspense and allowing events to unfold in a purely organic fashion.

new11.fw_Perhaps, it’s most impressive quality is how it uses an ancient African setting, falling on real African people and drawing infinite possibilities from the lives of our ancestors.


Newborn basically captures Africa back then and brings it forth in a beautiful manner. The story brings readers closer to life back in those days. The writers clearly did their research and understood that way of life thus, it easily translates to the reader.

7 (1)The characters are as captivating as ever. From the malicious demon Organdi, to the ever loyal Ifefunjo, the huntress of the dark, epic quests and fantastical feats, daring heroes and maniacal villains, come on, what more could you ask for?!

3 copy (1)

Impressive art (issue #0) and wonderful stories yes that is the mark of a truly African tale, and that is what Newborn Saga is; a tale of true Africa! Be on the lookout for the completed comic.

Here’s a link to stay up to date with Peda Studios.

Squirt Creativity.

By Kevin Sampong

The Way Forward: Comics and Smoothies post-Event Review

Comics and Smoothies is over, unfortunately! The much anticipated informal gathering as Vortex Comics’ Somto Ajuluchukwu put it proved to a success. There was quite the turnout. The turnout was, in fact, bigger than expected.

This gathering aimed to bring to the fore the various challenges facing the (African comics, games and animation) industry movement – we aren’t quite an industry yet – and to effectively find solutions. Continue reading “The Way Forward: Comics and Smoothies post-Event Review”

Comics and Smoothies: A Creative Revolution

Comics and Smoothies is coming to Accra by way of Lagos and we can’t contain our excitement. We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve teamed up with Vortex INC to present Comics and Smoothies. Comics and Smoothies is a free informal gathering to talk African comics, games and animation. We’ll be discussing the way forward for African comics, cartoons and games at NourishLAB® Smoothy’s in Osu from 2 – 4 pm. Vortex Inc. is the publisher of Orisha Pikin and other comics we’ve previously covered. Continue reading “Comics and Smoothies: A Creative Revolution”

This Is The Biggest African Comic Crossover Event of 2017

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