What’s Up With Squids in 2017?

2016 is technically our sophomore year in sharing content around African comics, animation and games although it does feel like freshman year. It was a testing the waters kind of phase that we’re thrilled to have experienced.

Promo image for Anthill Studio's Plaything
Promo image for Anthill Studio’s Plaything

An experience that has us pumped for 2017 which promises to be a fantastic year following all the incredible creative output and interactions from last year. Mad love to our friends at Kugali and ComeXposed! We’re also excited about  Eri Umusu and Nurdin Momodu‘s Plaything animated short you should absolutely check out. This in addition to Comic Republic’s Hero Kekere #2 comic and Vortex Comics’ Hero Lomo #1 written by KaDi, one of our own. You should check both out; each somehow revolves around Jollof.  Crazy? We know!

Hero Lomo
Hero Lomo

What’s up with us in 2017? Man, this year is going to be very experimental for us. We’ll be trying out a lot of new things that you’ll love like a certain role-playing game, and some wacky adventures in Squidtropolis (where all the Squids hang out). Our goals for this year are simple, cover more countries, write more, curate more, share more, interact more, be more and most importantly, squirt (and inspire) creativity more!


Come on, we’re excited to have you ride with us into December 2017 and can’t wait to journey with you. Stretch your muscles, wiggle your toes and dive into the deep end of African creativity with us.

Goodbye, 2016 and woezor (welcome) 2017. Squidtropolis, the Squids are coming!

Squirt Creativity!


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